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I have seen remarkable changes in my 9 year old son with ADHD and learning disabilities .This is not a fast process , but after completing all of the sessions, he is doing so much better in school.According to his teachers he is able to pay attention for a much longer period of time, and is much less distracted . He seems to be able to grasp the concepts of things much more quickly. He spends less time decoding words , and his comprehension is up because of that. This was such a gift I was able to give my son. Linda is knowledgeable and kind.

~ Kayla B

I would highly recommend San Diego Neurofeedback . My 14 year old son has mild to moderate Autism and we went to Neurofeedback treatment. Linda has a very calm demeanor and my son instantly felt at ease with her. The office feels calm and serene as well. The first changes we saw were in his social skills . He made more eye contact and began to initiate appropriate social interactions. Gradually his ability to transition to other activities , his echolalia, and social comprehension of speech improved.His occupational and speech therapists have noticed huge differences in his performances as well. We were very happy with our experience with Linda and San Diego Neurofeedback.

~ Talia N

I was recommended by Dr Amen to seek Neurofeedback for my daughter and Linda Nerenberg at San Diego Neurofeedback was at the top of the list of board certified providers . Linda has an intuitive sense about how to treat , and has so much experience . I have had anxiety , panic and depression for 20 years and no medicine or therapy has helped. After 20 sessions of Neurofeedback , I was feeling so much better, and after 40 sessions , I was almost symptom free. I will go back occasionally for a refresher, but for me this has been the natural treatment that I was looking for.

~ Carol R

As an adult , I never felt that I was able to meet my full potential because of my ADHD. I felt like the medicines were just covering up the problem and they had so many side effects. This was true until I discovered Neurofeedback , which helped me exercise my brainwaves. Linda first gave me a Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA) to get a baseline of where I was at. I then did 20 sessions of Neurofeedback. We repeated the TOVA, and the score was much better! I could see it at work too. I was much more focused and on point. My verbal skills we sharpened and I was more at ease when talking to clients. I did 20 more sessions and took the TOVA again. This time it was actually in the normal range. I am so thankful for Neurofeedback and felt like Linda was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with .

Andy Z